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name of the dream: a star in her own right


struck up an acquaintance with a woman


she was slim, fair-haired, as tall as me and smartly dressed


we went back to where she lived


we were feeling each other out


she wanted to know about me but compared to her i was a lot less interesting


in fact, i wasn't sure i was up to her standards


she was sharp-witted and intelligent


she was very appealing to me and so i let her ask lots of questions about me


in the next scene, i am lying on my front on the floor turning the pages of a newspaper


the woman made a joke which made me laugh


on the front page of the newspaper, there was a photograph which took up most of the page


the photograph was of a woman who looked like the woman i was with


i had turned several pages of the paper before i realised the woman on the front page and the woman i was with were the same person


at that moment i looked up at her


she knew i would twig it eventually and before i asked the obvious she began explaining...


she was a policewoman who had been dressed to look like a woman who the police were trying to find


i became aware of another man in the room


i think it was her husband and they were separated but were still on amicable terms


he didn't mind me getting to know his ex-partner but it was becoming less likely we would start a relationship


notes 1


can't remember a woman making me laugh in a dream before this dream




the stand-out part of the dream: the photograph of the woman on the front page of a newspaper


cause of the dream: during the day i was lamenting over not having struck-up up a meaningful relationship with a woman, any woman, over the last thirty years


the category of the dream: females making me laugh (1)


vividness: 3.8