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the name of the dream

breakfast in my head


was in a queue at a cafe in a railway station and had ordered a breakfast of tomatoes, eggs, beans, bacon, toast and tea


there were a couple of people in front of me waiting for their order


when it was my turn i dug into my pocket and brought out all the money therein


i looked at the coins and realised that i didn't have as much as i thought


in fact, there was not going to be enough to pay for the meal


while counting the money and hoping the coppers might add up to the better part of a pound i saw a fifty-pence piece on the floor


as i bent down to pick it up another fifty-pence coin came into view


as i picked both of them up i became aware that the man behind me was exuding a condemnatory presence


in the next scene, i was trying to juggle the money, i now had four pounds something, to get as many of the items of food as i could


was still trying different combinations of foods to fit the money i had when the dream ended




the category of the dream: money on the ground (4? 5?) cafe (1 or two)