name of dream: psycho bully 1


in custody, again


it wasn't prison though


it was a young offenders institution


in a dormitory which was claustrophobically small


my bed was at the furthest from the door


against the wall and the closest to the door, one of the inmates was looking at me with murderous intent


he was one of the top three of the institutions most violent prisoners and he was thinking about what he was going to do me as he was listening to someone standing to the left of him talking into his ear


the someone was a trouble-maker but of the passive kind


i had pulled him up about a bit of mischief-making he had instigated and he didn't like being told off


i knew there would be no use in trying to talk to the psycho, in his mind i was already condemned, for him it was now just a matter of where and when to vent his natural violent tendencies


it was a tightly controlled establishment and had been designed or modified to minimize the chances of violence flaring up


there were only a few places which were blind spots from a security point of view


one of them, the first an inmate would encounter on the way to the ablutions, was a small ninety-degree zig-zag about two metres long


in the next scene we had all gone through the zig-zag and i was the last to go through because i was the last in the order as we filed out


sure enough, the psycho and two others were waiting as i come out of the zig-zag


two of them moved out of the area, they just wanted to make sure i would be where the psycho could get me, after that, it was fore- drawn conclusion what the ending would be, and now it was just the psycho and me in the dream


i lifted my arm and thrust it out straight with my fist clenched and my finger pointing at him


the gesture was unmistakable, it said: "you"


it was like waving a red flag at a mad bull


he came at me in a rush


my plan was to get around the second corner of the zig-zag far enough ahead of him to be stooped down as he turned the corner himself and rugby-tackle his legs, something i could do well at school, and take it from there


i got around the corner ahead of him but didn't get down into a crouched position because one of the prison officers was dashing down to where i was


my guess is the prison guard would be aware of which of the inmates to watch most closely and seen the potential aggravation


psycho was not so stupid as to attack me with a guard as a witness


i was safe and the dream ended




the time-tense for this dream is an and/or for 6, 8 or 9


qod 2.8


qos 3.6






thinking about devolving man-shaped beings


notes 1


this is the second time within a few days when i have been in a life-threatening situation and someone has come to my rescue


there must be somebody up there who likes me