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the name of the dream

the gully


was walking along a gully that was about a metre wide


there were no signs of dampness at all


in the next scene, there were patches of dampness


in the next scene, there were patches of dampness and the occasional small puddle


in the following scene, there was a continuous trickle of water about half the width of a credit card


then, the trickle became a stream about half a metre wide


at this stage of the dream, it was still possible to carry on walking along the gully although my shoes were getting wet and muddy


glancing over my shoulder, i see a surge of water rushing towards me and before i can wade my way to the embankment it has reached me and now i am having to swim to get out of the water


the force of the water is making it difficult to get to the bank and another glance downstream shows that before i can get out of the water an approaching big swell of water, which will overwhelm and submerge me, will be upon me


a state of panic begins to grip me


sure enough, the swell of water reaches me before i can get to the embankment but luckily it pushes me in the direction i was headed


the tips of my fingers just manage to grip onto a solid rock above my head on the embankment but the force of the water is preventing me from manoeuvring into a position which will allow me to pull myself to the right and up


the water has become cold and my fingers have lost their flexibility and my body is becoming rigid


something tells me there another wall of water approaching and if i'm not out of the water before it gets to me i'm a goner


i can't pull myself up and out of the water so i let the flow of the water lift my body to the left and up just high enough for me to cock my left leg onto the rocky embankment


i now have to try to bring my right arm into a position that will enable me to get into a lying position, then a kneeling position and crawl away


will i make it ?


a sense of accomplishment says yes but the dream ends before it actually occurs




vividness 3.2/3.6 - participant - the category of the dream: life-threatening () water (3 ?)