name of dream: improvised song 5; rub-a-dub


eight or nine two-line impromptu lyrics sung to the tune of Rub A Dub Soldier...


i'm just a rub-a-dub soldier,

trying to keep the music alive


music makes us feel young as we get older,

keeps the spirit alive


looking forward, never over the shoulder,

to a destination, do we ever arrive ?


i'm just a rub-a-dub dubbing,

keeping dancing alive


singing is a way of romancing,

sweet tunes keeps

love alive


can see other people coming,

it's the start of a vibe


we're all rub-a-dub soldiers,

a part of the music tribe





time-tense: 5


qod 3.5


qos 3.7






stand-out moment:


notes 1


was awake from the third or fourth line onward


which makes this an Externalised Dream


notes 2