name of dream: party-goer's and friends


at a bus stop in the twilight hours


there was a bloke already at the bus stop when i got there


we started a chat


he said he was going to a party and wanted to know how to get there


i said i could take him there and could i go as well


he didn't exactly jump at the idea and hadn't committed himself when his girlfriend came into the dream


he told his girlfriend what i had said


she looked at me giving me the up and down and then asked me my name


there was umming and ahhing


before either of them said anything else i said "what sort of music will it be? "the girl asked "what sort of music do you like?" i said, "carl cox", she said "who's carl cox?"


a little demeaning was in order... i said "if you don't know who carl cox is i'm not sure i want to go"; i think they realised it was tongue-in-cheek demeaning


nothing had been settled when an awake-time friend from years before came into the dream and the two people already in the dream realised that it now meant that if i was going to go with them yet another person would have to tag along


the scene changed here, still early evening, to another bus stop !


his name was alan (also in dream 16122017) and we got to reacquainting ourselves


the girl and boy party-goer's left the dream; i was now engrossed in a conversation with alan


we had settled that he could sleep at my place and were still talking when his awake-time girlfriend from our teen days entered the dream


she was a pretty little thing, unassertive and desirous of having the right man in her life for all her life


she had found that person in alan


it meant that i would have to stay with another person for the night but that was never going to be a problems


on the way to my place i was talking twenty to the dozen and at one point i said something which would conclude with me saying his girlfriend's name


it wasn't until i had to say her name that i stopped dead and a slightly awkward empty pause occurred for all of us


of the three of uss alans girlfriend seemed affected by it most


i could, of course, remember her, although i can only ever remember ever speaking to her once, compared to her disposition i probably seemed brash, still she obviously thought i should have remembered it


i said "give me a clue"


she said something which referred to a colour and i said "hazel"


not getting it right didn't help things and she made a dismayed sound


the dream ended just after that




time-tense: 4, 5 (the most accurate time-tense placement yet.)


qod's 3.6


qos 3.7




vividness: 3.3


second dream


name of dream: getting the feel of it


in a living room with a lady


the conversation touched on health


that was my cue to mention the benefits of exercising


at one point i suggested she had a little go at doing an exercise


she said o.k.


i produced a dumbbell that weighed a couple kilograms and showed her how to do a seated one arm shoulder press and suggested she do three of them


she had a go but was really struggling


i gave her few tips and coaxed her into doing another two


when she had finished i apologised for pushing her too hard but she was genuinely pleased with what she had done and i could tell she was feeling the blood rushing around in that part of her body and liked the feeing




time-tense: 3 or 4


qod's 3.3 - 3.2 - 3.4


qos 3.4




vividness: 3.4


the stand-out part of the dreams:


the significance of the stand-out part of the dream:


category of dream: weight training (5)


cause/s of the dream:


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