the name of the dream

immaculate style and a winning smile

the first scene of the first theme

standing on the pavement looking through a glass window which stretched from a brick wall on the left to the door frame on the right

the business was antique or reproduction antique furniture

it was difficult to make out the details, to begin with

in the next scene, the details became clear

every one of the items of furniture was the same colour of dark brown

the wood was highly polished, so much so that it looked like the wood had been varnished

there were one or two items which had small silver protectors on the corners

what set the whole thing off and took the impression of what was being looked at into the realm of the surreal was a piece of abstract art the size of a family blender

in stark contrast to the colour scheme of all of the other items, the object was turquoise with one or two streaks of light green

second dream

walking through one of the malls where i currently live

a girl appears in the dream walking towards me

at the point of where we are closest, she configures a smile which lights up her face

the smile transforms her face and she looks more like a light than a person

notes 1

the second Time-Tense 4 dream in a row


vividness 3.2 to 3.9 - observer dream 1 and participant dream 2 - the category of the dream: two-themed dream () furniture () a female smile ()