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fourth dream


the name of the dream: the nerve of it


two young men were asking if i was still looking for musicians for the band which they knew i was forming


i said that the group was formed and we didn't need anybody else


one of them said in a challenging way that he and his mate should be in the band, inferring i should dismiss members already in the band and let them take their place


i tried to put him at ease and said "there's plenty of talent around. you won't have any trouble getting members for the group"


he replied with something along the lines of "yes, but you'll be able to get it organised better than we could"


was a bit non-plussed


i was supposed to break up my band and start a new band with these two young men


can't remember any more of this dream, if there was any more to it


notes 1


yet again, the memory of awake-time thoughts and dream-time thoughts and memories continue to merge


i knew i had dreamt just after waking, there's a "sense" of the dream being there


i was trying to remember the visual content of the dream but couldn't bring them into awake-time


however, recalling the most recent thoughts did bring the dream to mind


this may be the way for those of you who are trying to remember your dreams


rather than trying to remember the visual content of the dream, go over your most recent thoughts and see if it works for you


notes 2


this dream is a continuation of another dream from a while back (didn't enter it or it is one of the dreams of the lost 100)


this is a serial dream but because the other dream isn't in the diary it can't really be given the status of a serial dream


there is significance to serial dreams and quite probably important significance


the significance will come to be known eventually


within our lifetime hopefully


third dream


the name of the dream:

a kiss and a cuddle


was visiting a family i hadn't seen for a couple of years


towards the end of the day-long visit, someone suggested i should sleep there for the night


everybody was in agreement about it


the daughter could sleep with her sister and i could have her bed


i was nestled into bed and starting to drift off when the girl whose bed i was sleeping in came into the bedroom and hovered over me suggesting without asking that she wanted to get into bed with me


i shuffled about a bit to make room for her and let her know i knew what she wanted and she slipped in beside me


to let you know i'm not a complete letch i didn't want x but felt more like a sincere exchange of embraces between two people who appreciated the simple joy of sharing their feelings


some clinging embraces and savoury kisses fitted the bill perfectly


second dream


the name of the dream: injustices in the justice system


outside a court or tribunal where a genuine misfit of society had been sentenced


his crime was of the type which stirred the whole of society into a state of revulsion


a gathering of a few hundred people wanted a greater punishment for the man than the one which the court or tribunal had passed down


first dream


the name of the dream: the pushy type


it was evening and was returning from somewhere or other


as i entered through the front door i noticed a car pull up to a stop about forty metres away on the other side of the road


it struck a chord with me because i got the feeling it was the same car that had passed me at a snail's pace about a hundred metres before arriving at the front door


in the next scene, there was a heavy knock on the door and i suspected it was the driver of the car and the forceful knock told me to be wary


i opened the door slowly and sure enough whoever it was tried to push his way in


i was partly braced as i opened the door and was able to resist the initial pressure


it was a stalemate but i couldn't keep it up forever and it came down who had the greatest resolve to get the upper hand


i would try to bluff it


i shouted "go and get dave" to a non-existent person and then again "get dave"


that done the trick


the pressure against the door lessened and then stopped


whoever it was i knew he could get the better of me but an extra, unknown person, was something he hadn't bargained for


notes 1


after waking up from this dream i initiated a montage sequence which became a new category of montage...mixed themes montage (1)




the causes of the dreams


can place the three different thoughts which caused these three dreams to the previous day


the first theme was the result of thinking about women in a different light


as transmutation looms ever-larger in our minds a determined resolve, which can only be achieved by incorporating the subtle recognition, that eternity has to be approached with love


you/we/i can't barge our way into eternity


it means digging deep into our character and laying the foundation via the understanding that love is the glue which holds us together and it's never too soon to start practising it


the second theme was the result of thinking about two particularly nasty anti-social criminals of recent years; crook and tobin


the third theme was the result of trying to think who it was and what they wanted


am referring to the two different people, or it may have the same person who knocked, in an insistent way, on the front door in the middle of the night within the last month or two


observer in the second dream and a participant in dreams one and three - vividness: 3.3 across the board