the name of the dream

cash in hand

a young lad, about seventeen, asked me to go with him to a disused building

we were on the first floor inside the building when he produced a black briefcase

he opened the briefcase and in it was about two-hundred-thousand pounds

the notes were twenty-pound notes in bundles of two-thousand pounds

in the next scene, i was in the street and walking away from the disused building

a bundle of the notes landed near my feet, i assume the lad in the first scene had thrown them from the building

in the next scene, a policeman was about thirty-five metres away and walking towards me

the policeman had seen me pick up the bundle of notes and had probably seen the young lad throw the bundle to me

in the next scene, the policeman was standing in front of me with a smile on his face

i guessed he knew what was going on

i knew he could question me and one thing would have led to another and i could have been taken into custody

i separated four of the notes from the bundle and gave them to him

the policeman said something and the dream ended


vividness 3.1 - participant and observer - the category of the dream: money () banknotes (1 ?)

the vividness of a dream denotes the dreams Time-Tense

the higher the rating of the vividness of the dream the closer it is to the present and future

participant means the dream is drawn from your experiences of the present, past and future Undulations, assuming your genetic line has reached further into the future in past undulations than where we are now

observer means the dream is not an experience you have had but is drawn from your ancestral genetic line (passed on through the genes) and, if your genetic line extends into the future, can be the experiences of your descendants

a dream can have content that is both as a participant and as an observer

notes 1