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the name of the dream

a narrow outlook


am in the house of a family of four, five or six


their outlook of life has two facets, money and sex


this family has no interest in art, fashion, fun, sport, politics...


they are not a happy family, consumed as they are with acquisition or indulgence


a possible point of friction between the eldest lad, a burly twenty-year old, and myself was easily overcome by handing him about fifteen silver coins of different values


the moment he had the coins in his hand he turned and walked away from me without saying anything


i, and the point of contention, no longer existed


there was a scene with the lass of the family


more unharmonious moments, have forgotten the details


the stand-out part of the dream was the way the burly bloke instantly changed when he saw the coins


i knew there wasn't more than a few pounds but until he had counted it an unkown amount could be a lot




vividness 3.2 - participant - the category of the dream: money () silver coins ()


the vividness of the dream indicates the degree of likeliness that the content of the dream will occur in a future awake-time Time-Tense


participant means it is something you have experienced


to be an observer in a dream means it is something you have witnessed


the category of the dream is for evaluation and reference