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the name of the dream

a game of cricket


it was a formal game of cricket in that we were all in white but the field itself didn't have defined borders and there weren't any stands nor were there any spectators in the dream


the cricket field was bigger than usual and it looked as though it was set in an area of greenery that had trees off to one side about sixty metres from the centre of the pitch


i was in an outfield position about thirty metres or so from the wickets


the batsman played the ball too far to my left for me to stop it from going past my radial position relative to the pitch which meant i had to run further away from the pitch to get to the ball


the ball was heading for the rough grass at the boundary of the field and if it went into long grass i might not be able to find it and it would be game over


a maximum effort of sprinting got me to the ball as it had just gone over a one-metre incline and before it went into the "rough" on the other side of the incline


the effort of the thirty-metre sprint took all the strength out of my arms and i could only manage to throw the ball about twenty or thirty metres towards the pitch


the fielder closest to me anticipated i wouldn't have the strength to throw the ball all the way to the pitch and closed in on my position and was in just the right place when my throw landed on the ground


in a perfect pick-up, swivel and throw he got the ball to the wicketkeeper one step ahead of the batsman who was looking to get as many runs as possible and had thought he had time to get the extra point when he saw my weak throw


it was jubilation for our team and i got most of the credit


notes 1


the first dream about cricket


clearly remember thoughts and images of cricket during the day




vividness 3.3/4 - participant - the category of the dream: sport () cricket (1) player (1)