name of dream: sultry swede


was on the last but one leg of a european tour


not sure if i was alone or not


after enquiring at the ticket office about train times was told the ticket had to be obtained from a representative of the swedish government and was given the address


i got to the address but it didn't look at all like it was anything official, anyway it was the right address


don't remember ringing a bell or knocking on the two and a half metre high glass doors, perhaps there was someone monitoring a camera which showed the entrance


somebody, don't remember if it was a female or a male, came through two other smoked-glass swing doors a metre or two from where i was standing on the outside of the building, opened the front doors and beckoned me in


as i was walking through the two inner-doors the perspective or rather the angle of view in the dream went from a straight-ahead view to a down angle view


the first thing i saw was the shoes, and particularly the ankle-strapping of the shoes, on what was obviously the legs of a woman


slowly, deliberately so, the view began to move up her legs and then showed her crossed legs and then up to the split in her dress which showed about a third of her thighs


the scene then changed to her face


she was wearing a cat-mask but it didn't have whiskers or a smile/grin


the mask covered most of the front and side of her face, i think the hollow of her cheeks were showing, her forehead was showing and her eyes were sparkling with life


the dream ended




the time-tense for this dream is an and or of 1, 2, 3, 4, 7


qod 3.5


qos 3.7


p/o ?




had thought about the lover and women, among dozens of other things, throughout the day


notes 1


got to thinking...


which part of the brain/mind presents these images/scenes and why did the old noodle serve up a view/perspective/angle of a women's legs that was straight out of a hollywood film that was, blatantly, meant to seduce ?


the long, drawn-out up-the-legs sequence didn't stir any emotions especially, the eyes were much more captivating


so why did the dream emphasise these characteristics of the woman ?


after several minutes of deliberation, the obvious answer presented itself


it was you-know-who producing and presenting her/his self


she/he, who you dare not speak of in public, is having fun with us


the manly-shape is the first shape with eternal qualities; it is however well past its sell-by date


the really difficult scenarios have been played out


the worst of the suffering for both her/him, and us is now, and forever, behind us


you-know-who is gearing up for the good times when death is no more and all that's left for us to do is to love in a fun-filled way


i first became aware of her/his playful nature when Cherub was presented a couple of years ago


the writer can still feel the lover's presence in that mini-movie clip now and it has been asserting itself, little by little, over the years


yeah, i know, it will be another five thousand million years before she/he's with us but when you're enjoying life you know how quickly time passes five


also we have to remember that for the lover all of time is part of her/his make-up


a few thousand million years in neither here nor there


to her/him it is but the Blink of an Eye