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the name of the dream

my scientology dream


this dream was a single long scene set in an office that was staffed by about eight or nine women


had walked into the premises off the street out of a sense of curiosity


i walked throughout the length of the office looking at each of the women but not one of them looked at me


the women didn't pay any attention to me at all, it was as though they hadn't seen me


all of the women were either tapping away at a typewriter or looking at a screen


eventually, one woman did respond to my presence when i asked if anyone had read the bible or i might have said: "has anyone got a bible ?"


she had a mildly confrontational tone but it didn't cause me to react in a like manner and her tone softened and became helpful when she spoke a second sentence that suggested where i could get a bible nearby


i walked out of the building and out of the dream thinking it wouldn't be too difficult to introduce them to the truth about what life is all about


notes 1


this dream was produced because of the thoughts i had during the day when thinking about a documentary about scientology


the bit of the film which stuck in my mind was of a couple of the women in the film who had been brainwashed into the doctrines of the cult/clique


i could tell that had they not become involved with the movement they would be normal and genuinely attractive young ladies


this is one of the lesser problems we have to deal with




vividness 3.4/6 - participant - the category of the dream: scientology (1)