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the name of the dream

stranded in rural land

there was a group of seven, eight or nine of us in two cars and we were at a roadside cafe stretching our legs and having a drink and a snack before setting off on the final part of the return journey

we might have been coming back off holiday or it could have been a day-out, either way, there was about two-hundred miles of road to go

our group made up the bulk of the people at the cafe

i was the youngest and most sprightly of what was an assemblage of an evenly balanced mix of genders and was regarded as a youngster

a stranger, not sure if it was a female or male, and myself became friends

when it was announced i would make my own way home it generated an air of apprehension among my colleagues and one or two of them pointed out it could be a mistake

ever-ready for something new to happen i disregarded their resrvations and assured them it would be alright

my companions got into the cars and the serious, almost grave, look on their faces as the cars as they pulled out of the car park was the last but one scene of the dream

in the last scene, i discovered the person i had struck up a friendship with lived locally and she or he would be walking back home and, one by one, the options for getting back home by catching a bus or train, or getting a taxi to somewhere with public services were dashed and the dream ended as even the idea of stcking my thumb out and hitching a lift seemed futile

notes 1

can pinpoint the sprightly feel and the sense of apprehension (the two stand-out parts of the dream)  in the previous day's experience's (pde's)


vividness 3 - participant and observer - the category of the dream: location () environment (rural 5 ?)