name of dream: my baby's safe



the care of my baby had been entrusted to the wrong person


he was a heroin addict and both he and the baby were living in squalid conditions


i took my baby from him and started for home


it meant going through a railway tunnel


there was a narrow ledge a half of a metre above the track and it was only a third of a metre wide


not being fully physically able i would be taking a chance and would almost certainly hurt the baby if i lost my balance and fell


a woman entered the dream and when she realised what was wrong she gladly offered to take the baby through the tunnel


she herself lost balance and had to drop onto the tracks but she was sure-footed and didn't fall over


when we were through the tunnel we started talking and she walked along me


i explained the situation and the dream ended as i was saying "everything will be alright eventually. there are a few bumps along the road"




qod 3.3


qos 3.7




vividness: 3