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the name of the dream

broken dream


the chime of my door-bell is loud


was smack-bang in the middle of a vivid dream when a man delivering goods rang the door-bell


the dream was still running for three or four seconds after getting to my feet


i was completely disoriented for those few seconds


it was a mix of the two conscious states


it could be likened to being slapped across the face while relaxed


i felt as though i had been assaulted


whatever the content of the dream was it was broken into pieces


when i tried to recall the dream it went from the memory completely


it was though something had been damaged beyond repair and trying to fix it was like trying to re-assemble a stack of snowflakes in a warm room; the effort of trying to do something brought home the futility of trying to do it


notes 1


perhaps an essential feature of dreams is that for the dream to serve its purpose it has to be experienced in full


notes 1


two days in a row that the dreams have not been accessible !