the name of the dream


the girlfriend and i have just walked into the dancing room

this wasn't a night-club, it was a large room which had enough floor-space for two or three hundred people to dance

it looked like it was the function-room of a large college

there is danceable music playing, but no one is dancing

the dance area was brightly-lit, too bright for my liking

including ourselves, there were just four people in this scene

in the next scene, for reasons unknown i had bought a broadsheet newspaper paper with me, the paper had been folded twice width-ways

i put the paper on a table with a brown laminated surface, the table itself was flush against the wall

was just about to go onto the dance-floor when a man of about forty with fair hair caught my attention

he signalled to where the paper was, then lifted the paper and gestured that he wanted to take it away and read it

i said, "please bring it back"

in the next scene, the number of people in the room had become about ten but still, no one dancing

in the next scene, i have walked to the edge of the dance-floor nearest to me and start dancing slowly on my own

the man who borrowed the newspaper caught my attention again as he put the paper back from where he took it (i'm sure the newspaper has significance but don't know what it is)

in the final scene, a girl, not my girlfriend, has started to dance on the other side of the dance-floor

it could be a good night for dancing


vividness 3.5 to 3.9 - participant - the category of the dream: dancing ()