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second dream


the name of the dream: drag and drop


there was an app which allowed a person to link the height a person wanted a parachute to open in the event of a having to bail-out in an emergency


there was a recommended minimum height at which it should be set at, although it could be overridden


the code on the app would be synced to the automatic programming built into the parachute which caused the parachute to open at the specified height


i had been using the app, or it had been in use for a while, and it was a standard, though not compulsory, part of an air-travellers package when they bought an air-ticket


i was on a flight and had just dragged and dropped the app on the phone into the parachute app which in turn caused the light on the parachute-pack to blink and make a sound which confirmed that the parachute had been programmed


the dream then got a bit confusing


i was going to have to use the parachute and was wondering what height to get the parachute to open but in order to do that i needed to know what type of terrain i would be dropping into


if it was mountainous it would be best to set a height and override it if needs be


i seemed to recall that something had gone wrong with the parachute height-opening programme when a concorde flight had to ditch


at this point of the dream, i became aware of being in free-fall and realising i was in a dream and not having to worry if the parachute didn't work




the stand-out part of the dream: looking out of the window of the plane


the significance of the stand-out part of the dream: don't yet understand the significance of flying/falling dreams


category/s of dream: - flying/falling (3) awake-time awareness in dreams: (2) - vividness: 3.3 to 3.7


notes 1


being aware of being in a dream as it was happening is highly unusual for this person


it is believed that it is beneficial to be aware of being in a dream


this belief will be borne out if this type of dream starts to happen more often


being aware of being in a dream will enable a person to steer the events of the dream


first dream


the name of the dream: multi-themed dream


in one scene it was a spacious jungle or forest with trees fifteen or twenty metres high but that was all, nothing happened


don't recall seeing any living thing


in another scene, two dogs are in a wooded area


one was a doberman the other was a dog with a sturdy build


when the dogs saw each other the hair on the nape of their shoulders stiffened and they ran at each other snarling


the moment they got to within pouncing distance they dropped their aggressive manner and became friendly


another scene was of a t.v. show which highlighted the lives of two famous personalities of years gone by


one was of an establishment figure the other was jimmy jewel


he was leaning forward on the edge of a lounge chair with a cigarette in his left hand


he was ultra-relaxed and super-confident


the t.v. programme was in black and white


in another scene, it was late evening, after pub-opening time


was wearing shorts and walking with a strong step


one or two shops were open and decided to get a quick bite of something


felt through the cloth of the pockets of the shorts for my credit card


couldn't feel the credit card in any of the pockets and began running back to where i lived to get the card


in the next scene, the cards had magically appeared


the sight of the blue of the card was the second most vivid colour in any of the themes


in the next scene i am now going in the same direction as i was at the start of this sequence


a well-groomed brown horse and rider passed me going the in the opposite direction


the horse and rider looked like they were practising a dressage routine


then another horse, a black one, going the same way as me passed by, don't remember seeing a rider on it


next scene: was at the digs of the where i lived before the place i was living in the dream


they were crummy, run-down digs


the way in which people accepted living in them suggested this type of accommodation was standard


went in through the always-open back door and up to the second floor


next scene: walked through the door of the room i used to live in expecting to see my two old buddies


the room was now a girls bedroom


there were four girls in it, i knew two of them


the two young ladies i didn't know were uncomfortable with a male having come into their room while they were dressed for sleep


one of the girls i knew felt the same way and said the landlord wouldn't like it if he found me in the room


the dream continued and we were chatting casually


in the next scene, one of the two males i had come to see was in the room with us


we were talking about going out for the night the following day


he asked me if i had clothes that would be suitable for a night out


i said i had casual jackets and dress jackets


the dream ended somewhere here


notes 1


have just searched the database to see if this is the first multi-scene dream with different themes


it isn't


one similarity emerged immediately


have yet to formulate the causes and meanings of the wide content of dreams


assuming some headway is achieved it means this websites dreams diary is to be used for reference purposes for coming generations


there will be more people who will live over the next forty generations than all the people who have lived until now




the stand-out part of the dream: jimmy jewel sitting on the edge of the chair leaning forward with a cigarette in his left hand exuding confidence and charm


the significance of the stand-out part of the dream: ?


category of dream: multi-themed dream with different scenes () - vividness: varied from scene to scene