the name of the dream

a dream come true ?

if you had walked through the door of the pub in this dream and looked to your right you would have seen me and three other people in a celebratory mood

were singing the song "let's all sing together"

we were celebrating because earlier on in the day it had been announced that britain had "thrown its hat into the ring" and would remain a fully-fledged member of the european union

we were planning the logistics of a party we would be hosting

the main detail to be settled was which corner of the junction next to the pub would be the best to set up the equipment

the pub was a few metres from the junction of bartholomew street east, north street, paul street and the iron bridge

in one scene, a man walked into the pub and looked over to where we were sitting and asked, with a tipsy slur in his voice, "where are the toilets?"

one of us pointed to our right and said "down there on the right"

as he walked towards the toilets one of us quipped something along the lines of "when you've made room for some more, come and have one with us"

he gave out a prolonged chuckle

notes 1

that this dream contains a current topic suggests to me it is a timed-to-occur dream


vividness 3.2 - participant - the category of the dream: topical (2 or 3) pub (1)