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the name of the dream



my wife was unwell and it was causing complications with her second pregnancy and she was on her way to receive specialised help


the dream starts on a train with two female escorts and self in a train carriage of a train used exclusively by the hospital, my wife and a third female escort are in the adjoining carriage but neither my wife or the third escort feature in this dream


i had just received news by mobile phone


the news was crucial information about our first child which could affect the mental state of the mother which in turn could/would boost her physical state


the entire dream revolved around me trying to explain to the two escorts that my wife's mental/physical state would change for the better if she had the news


the escorts argued that the condition of the mother was finely balanced and i was refused permission to speak to her at all


the escorts were adamant that whatever it was that i had to say would have to be relayed to her by them


i was equally determined to pass on the information myself as it concerned circumstances which was only known to my wife and me and i would be able to inject subtleties of tone and meaning at certain points


the women were wearing their "our word is final" hats and either wouldn't or couldn't see my point


i tried two or three different ways of presenting my point of view and finally decided that the only way i could get access to my wife was to wait until we got to hospital


even then i might have the same problem


the only thing i could think of was to get legal representation


before making the call i prepared my point of view as briefly as possible


each time i had formed a one or two sentence presentation of my rationale a counter-argument formed in my head


my reasoning was sound but it wasn't more valid than the opposing reasoning


that happened three or four more times and was still happening as i came out of the sleep


notes 1


the overriding tone of the Pde's were positive, more so than usual (my ref. take-over), so am not looking for an answer in the pde's for the feelings of frustration in this dream


it's possible to take the view that there was one particular, fleeting, moment of the previous day which formed the content of the dream but this website holds the view that the reason we have dreams, and more importantly, remember our dreams, is so we can evaluate them and continue to do that which brings about dreams we find desirable and identify and remove from the pde's those experiences which produce dreams we find undesirable


it is easy to recall momentary sights featured in a dream but momentary sights/thoughts/emotions... during the day aren't usually remembered and consequently aren't/can't be assigned as being the cause of the theme of a dream


this website holds the view that unless the content of the dream can be assigned to particular sights/movements/thoughts/emotions etc... that occurred the day before the dream then the content of the dream has to be assigned to something other than the pde's


we have to consider the possibility that, like precognitive dreams, a proportion of dreams are timed to happen


this is a mechanistic interpretation which is moderated by love/lifes ability to act out of accordance with inanimate reality (see Axiom 3)


this and precognitive dreams are categorised as "scheduled to occur" dreams