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the name of the dream

an oligarch by nature


an acquaintance mentioned me to someone who was the head of the local crime syndicate


in the first scene of this dream, i'm sitting in a car next to the driver, the head of the syndicate, and there is another person in the back seat


the driver is talking to me in a casual manner


his comments and remarks are specifically designed to get me to reveal my character and views on certain topics and people


i must have convinced him that i could fit in with his set-up because in the next scene of the dream we, along with someone he knew, and a couple of my friends he didn't know, are at my place


he is checking out my friends


he was disrespectful of anyone who didn't have the same values as himself and in particular he thought nothing of people who didn't have an assertive attitude and even worse he thought that people who had a physical disability shouldn't be allowed to live


this was bad news for one of my friends


one of my friends in the dream, an awake-time acquaintance up until two and a half decades ago, was as bright as they come


tragically, she had been left for dead by a hit-and-run driver when riding her bike while she was studying theoretical physics at m.i.t.


she was in a coma for eight months and when she became conscious again she was seriously, and permanently, disabled


not that his majesty knew her story


in the next scene, the girl showed me a red scald mark on her hand (the expression on her face when she showed me the mark on her hand was the stand-out part of the dream)


while she had been making coffee he had deliberately poured scalding hot water on her hand


his majesty was seriously bad news


i knew that if the time and place presented itself he would find a way of "doing away" with her


this guy had to be reined in


it was while thinking of how to go about it when the dream ended


notes 1


this dream came from thoughts and the feelings accompanying the thoughts during the day


it was while i was wondering about the character/nature/outlook of the chief british oligarch


the chief of the oligarchs is the person who gives the go-ahead for the assassination of high-profile people


i gleaned a little of his personality the day or the day before princess diana was assassinated


one of his connections who was keeping him informed of princess diana's public comments (by this time she had left prince charles and was pregnant with her partner and didn't have much good to say about britain) told the chief oligarch what diana had said publicly "you'de have to be crazy to live in this country"


in the silence that followed the message of what diana said i sensed his presence


he was about to give the order to assassinate a historically significant person


diana was pregnant with the heir-apparent to the throne


from a british point of view, this was, arguably, the most audacious assassination ever


why did he give it ?


the sense of identity of both the chief british oligarch and the chief russian oligarch's (the only other oligarch-type structure with the same sort of clout as britain and russia is the group named mj-12 or majestic 12, in america, read HERE and listen Here) is the same... their sense of identity is, first and foremost, the land they live in and preside over


to the oligarchy, to insult the character of the nation is taken personally


princess diana might as well have said "you'de have to be crazy to have children in this country"


the implication which comes from this is the person who presides over the country is mad


the idea that he might not be a full shilling hit a raw nerve


diana didn't understand the mentality of the oligarch structure and it cost her her life


i was up and about in the house with the telly on the night diana was killed


i stopped writing for a moment when the news flash said "princess diana has been in an accident" and wondered just how bad it was


a few minutes later another news flash came on and said "our reporter is at the scene and has spoken to princess diana and she complained her arm was hurting"


i thought "oh diddums. you've been in a car crash and your arm's hurting. you should be grateful you're not in excruciating pain"


ten or fifteen minutes later the next news flash said as coldly as dead fish "princess diana is dead"


it was obvious from the way it was said it was a statement of fact


she had gone from a hurting arm to being dead


it was the comment about being crazy that signed her death warrant


they are insane but don't tell them to their face




vividness 3.1 to 3.9 - participant - the category of the dream: bad people (11 ?)