name of dream: heisenberg's proof


the dream started with the words "heisenberg's proof" on a white background


a volunteer was hooked up to electronic equipment which was in a console on the far side of the room


the room itself was quite large


all of the room wasn't in view but what i could see was roughly thirty metres high, thirty metres deep and thirty metres wide


there was a windowed console at the far side of the room which was raised close to the roof


there were three screens which were closer to the ceiling than to the floor and they were evenly spaced from each other by three or four metres


each screen was rectangular and about three or four metres high and four or five metres wide


don't remember seeing anyone in this dream


the equipment could show the images a person was seeing in the dream as they were happening in the dream


the equipment could also interact with the images of the dream and insert images which became part of the dream which the dreamer would see as being part of the dream


the experiment was to establish whether the dreamer was familiar with the content of the dream


the volunteer was dreaming of cameras


one image of a picture the dreamer was seeing in the dream was too dark to see in detail or it might have been darkened as a part of the experiment


an aperture feature was introduced into the dreamer's images of the camera


if the dreamer used the newly-installed feature to brighten the picture it would demonstrate she/he was familiar with the workings of cameras


the feature introduced into the dream was transparent, rectangular in shape and if it was used a red dot of light came on at the left-hand side of the rectangle

the image the dreamer was seeing was closest to me and was about four metres away


when the dreamer adjusted the introduced aperture feature it proved that the dreamer had knowledge of cameras


another different test was carried out on a different aspect of the dream and that too was proven




the time-tense for this dream is an and or of 1, 4


qod 3.7


qos 3.8


most definitely an observer




nothing comes to mind


which probably means it was introduced by you-know-who for our appraisal


notes 1


Werner Heisenberg, in conjunction with Niels Bohr and Max Born, were the three people who formulated Quantum Theory between 1900 and 1925 following Max Planck's discovery of the Quantum of Action in 1899/1900


werner heisenburg will always be remembered for the Principle of Indeterminacy


the principle of indeterminacy is now, deliberately misguidedly, called the uncertainty principle,: see Who Discovered Relativity


notes 2


this dream means in a future Undulation heisenburg becomes famous for something other than the principle of indeterminacy


notes 3


this dream may well be an invitation for someone to change the time-tense of this dream from one or four to five


it is also possible that more than one person may think of an application


in the event of that happening the date of each submission will be attached to the submission


further, it is also possible that two different people may think of the same application


where there is contention of the timing of originalty but the person who submitted the first application done so after another person who first thought of it but the first person who thought ot it didn't submit an application until after the person who made the first submission


if there is contention a public lie-detection test will resolve the matter