name of dream:

haute cuisine 1


at an extremely elegant restaurant


was at a table and in the company of a couple of ladies dressed up to the nines, bejewelled, and wearing their hair up


the women were wearing light-coloured clothing and their posture told me they had been to a finishing school


their confidence was somewhat misplaced


they weren't that good-looking


what tipped the balance out of their favour was their teeth-smile


their teeth were evenly-spaced and symmetrical but their teeth were just too big


the food, however, was perfection


one of the dishes put in front of me was on a clear-glass boat-dish about three centimetres deep, twelve centimetres one way and five centimetres the other


it was a two-layered food


dark-white on the bottom and snow-white on top


the top looked like folded white tissue paper


it was obviously going to taste out of this world but the intricacy of the weave of the top layer kept my gaze on it and the dream ended before i tasted it




the time-tense is an and/or of 1, 2, 3, 4


qod 3.4


qos 3.5




vividness 3.5


stand-out moment: the teeth-smile, the haute cuisine food in the last scene


notes 1


not 100% sure why some people like to flash their teeth when smiling


notes 2