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the name of the dream

too sensitive


it was the first time in bed with a new relationship


the lady was a little apprehensive but willing to experience what was an important aspect of her life


we became conjoined relatively quickly and within a second or two of dream-time the young lady was telling me to stop, which i did


think the scene changed, then again, almost immediately after conjoining, she told me in a frantic voice to stop


it happened again on the third time we conjoined


her jerky, involuntary movements and panicky voice told me what the problem was


she was new to xual activity and her nerve endings were being stimulated for the first time


the intensity of the feelings being sent to her brain was overwhelming her


notes 1


this dream can be incorporated into the Art of Pleasure


we can undertake an appraisal of the "life-length" of the pleasure receptor cells in all areas of the body and act accordingly


maintaining the sensitivity of the pleasure cells is undoubtedly achieved by applying the "gentle touch"


the pleasure receptor cells in the lips may well be tied-in to thoughts and sights and the lips could still be developing




vividness 3.3 - particant - the category of the dream: x () informative ()