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the name of the dream: meter-cheater


had found a way to cheat the electric meter


managed to amass about thirty pounds of silver in a fairly short time and was explaining to a couple, the girl was a neighbor from ten years ago, how to do it


they were hoping i would give them some of the money


i was going to give them some money but i was stringing it out because if i gave it to them straight away they would go out and spend it and i wanted them to make me a cup of tea


in the next scene, i looked in my backpack for the jar with all the money in it to show the couple how much money i had made (the jar in the dream was a jar that i have been using for something over the last couple of days in awake-time) but couldn't find it which was a bit of a blow because now i didn't have any money to go and do some spending myself


i said i would have a smoke, i was still hoping they would make me a cup of tea, and get going


the dream ended




cause of the dream: probably thoughts about money


time-tense: coin meters are more or less of the past so this dream is assigned as being past tense