the name of the dream

the chip shop incident


after a night out there's nothing quite like piping hot fish and chips


walked through the door of the brightly-lit shop and before the smell of the food sent appeasing signals to the stomach, before the sight of the different shades of the yellow chips and fish met the eye, the imposing sight of a man the size of a mountain thrust itself into my world


he was six-foot-seven if he was an inch and he was stocky with it


there were two different themes that led on from the opening scene of this dream


one was to do with an altercation between the mountain-man and someone else who came into the dream and the second theme was an all's well that ends well theme


this dream lost its continuity and became a mish-mash of fragmented scenes upon waking due to my physical state that just wanted to go back to sleep or at least not have to do anything other than lying back down after getting up




vividness 3.4 to 3.7 - participant - the category of the dream: fish and chips () good and bad feelings