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notes 1




first dream


the name of the dream: wordy


was a contestent on a t.v. show


a woman and a man hosted the show


not sure if it was for a prize or money or prestige


each contestant had thirty seconds to say as many different words as possible


i went about it alphabetically... darling, do, dollar, don't... fever, forever, friends... rat, ratchet, rattle...


was given a score of nine out of ten and was leading


i was dead chuffed with my performance and done it some more after waking up


notes 1


one way of recalling the names and words of people is to go through the alphabet lingering on each letter


it does work




cause of the dream: was talking to someone an hour earlier and we were trying to remember the names of film stars and the names of the films we thought were their best perfomances


second dream


the name of the dream: group-hug


it's daytime and i'm out and about


a cat which culd have been grex (13022018) appeared just in front and to the right me


i thought it was grex and stooped down and pulled the front of my jacket or shirt out in front of me at about a forty-five degree to the floor


when i used to do this with grex in awake-time he recognised it as an invitation to climb up me and onto my shoulders


either this cat wasn't grex or his character had changed


so i tried saying something to him which i also used to say to him in awake-time... in a squeaky voice i said "where you bin'"


he appeared to remember it and let out a soft miaow


i put my hand on the back of his neck and gave him a nail-scratch around his ears, which brought him closer, so now he was nestled into my knee


i put my other hand on the other side of his head and we were now hugging


in the next scene, another cat, a black one (grex was also friendly with a black cat in awake-time and i would get back to where i lived and find the two of them huddled together: got a photo of the two of them in this position) was next to grex


the two cats bodies were touching along their length and i was soothingly finger-rubbing the neck/ear area of both cats at the same time


it was a feline/human group-hug


just then, from the left of the scene, a dog about the height and length of the cats but twice as stocky was within a body-length of us


the dog had seen what was going on and decided to get a bit of the action her or hisself


this group-hug was getting too popular


in the final scene it was the four of us and i heard a woman's voice say "look at that"




the category of the dream: cats and dogs (1)




vividness: 3.4