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the name of the dream

the seven seas


approximately seven scenes in this dream


each scene conveyed the depth and breadth of the water covering the earth


in one scene two men were waiting expectantly for me to join them


all of them except for their feet were visible in the scene


from where i was observing to where the men were standing was about thirty metres


behind and to each side of them was an expanse of smooth grey water that touched the horizon in all directions


in another scene, the sea showed its menacing character


energetic thirty-metre waves crowned with wild, white horses ready to buck anything that tried to ride them


in another scene, a submarine the size of an aircraft carrier was making out to sea


the sea had been conquered


first from above and now this, the stamp of authority of the will of man-shaped beings to best the indifference of the forces of nature


each scene of this dream had its own unique character which produced a feeling of excitement


the other scenes were equally impressive but they faded from the memory quite quickly




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