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the name of the dream

at the flick's


the first scene shows three of us, males, having just taken our seats at the cinema


the number on the tickets had us seated at the far right of the right-hand aisle


about a quarter or a third of all of the seats in the cinema were occupied


there wasn't anybody within ten or fifteen seats to the left of us and nobody else in any of the rows in front or behind us


as would be discovered the person who allocated our seats when we bought our tickets at the ticket office had deliberately put us away from the bulk of the other cinema-goers


didn't know about the others but il liked to sit at the front and at the centre of the screen


it was decided we would move to the centre of the screen which would put us in amongst the bulk of the audience


we found ourselves sitting next to three or four girls on the left of us


a short time after i realised my right arm was pressing against the girl next to me


she was wearing a short-sleeved garment and i could feel her skin (the stand-out part of the dream)


it wasn't a "manoeuvre" by me and my apology to the girl for leaning into her was sincere


in a gentle voice, she said "it's alright. i don't mind"


i knew an invitation when i heard one and said "well, in that case" and laid my arm on her arm and clasped her hand


she spoke again, "i'm with thirteen of my friends" and indicated with a movement of her head to a row of seven or eight girls sitting in front of us


i was in a light sleep and woke up at this point




vividness 3.2/3 - participant - the category of the dream: females () cinema ()