name of dream: nowt queerer than folk


this dream is in a society where much is tolerated, perhaps too much


it starts with a man called taff and myself


taff is a burly man in his late twenties and looked a little like a strongman called gary taylor


taff prefers men to women and, wouldn't you know it, i'm the object of his affections


no, change that


i'm the object of his carnal desires


in the first scene of this dream, he's standing close to me and his face is within centimetres of mine


he's wearing tight-fitting clothes


the t-shirt hasn't got sleeves and his whole appearance declares his orientation to life... flesh of the body


his needs put decorum to one side and his continued badgering to persuade or convince me we are meant for each other is becoming bothersome


at this point in the dream, another man comes into the picture and is within three or four metres of us


this moderates his insistence and i take the opportunity to end the talking


"there's another man who loves you" and then sealed it with "i'm in love with a woman"


the cushioned blow is enough for him to accept my rejection and the dream ends as he's seven or eight metres away and moving further away still




the time-tense for this dream is an and/or of 3, 6,7, 9


qod 3.2


qos 3.9






can't remember anything during the day which would have caused this dream


notes 1


homosexuality, it must be mentioned, represents a specific point of Devolution


second dream


name of dream:

happy hols 1


living where i lived before where i am now


there was a knock at the door


i opened the window next to the door and a man asked to see (an awake-time girlfriend who was a regular visitor)


the girlfriend must have been expecting him because before i could turn around and call her she was at my shoulder


she had a bath towel wrapped around her that covered her above her breasts and was clutching money in her left hand


i could see she was holding two ten pound notes and two or three one pound coins


as she leaned across me and handed the money to the caller through the window she said: "i'll give you the rest later"


in the next scene, the girl in the first scene and her friend and i were sitting in a train in the seats to the left and right of the aisle nearest to where the carriages were joined


the girls were sitting opposite each other to my left


the friend of my girlfriend asked, "where will we be staying when we get there ?"


i said, "i don't know".


both the girls paused in thought, i carried on...


"we'll get off the train and see which street looks the most inviting. we'll walk along the street and when we see a restaurant or cafe or a pub we like the look of we'll go in. when we come out we'll buy a paper and choose the name of a guest-house we like the sound of. every moment will be a new adventure. today it's britain the next time it's..."


the friend of my girlfriend stretched out her arm and leaned across the aisle to touch me on the shoulder in a gesture of affection


i took her hand and kissed the back of it


the girls were crackling with delight


i didn't feel too bad either




the time-tense for this dream is an and/or of 3, 6,7, 9


qod 3.2


qos 3.9






third dream


name of dream: dream come true/ the female feel for life


was walking through town and christmas was all around


to my right was a children's carousel with several youngsters enjoying the ride


the song accompanying the ride was last christmas by wham and had a good beat, good enough to make me feel like moving to it


there was a girl of five or six three metres from the ride watching and dancing


the girl hadn't yet learnt to sync her body movements to a rhythm and only one leg was lifting up as she disjointedly bobbed up and down


how she might look wasn't on her mind


the music had taken her over and she was part of it


she stopped suddenly as though something was wrong, something wasn't right, something was missing


she then darted to where a pram was and started moving things around and i must say, she was doing it with haste


after six or seven seconds she had hold of something and rushed back to where she had been before and held it out at arm's length before her


it was a rag doll about a third as big as she was


she now had a partner to dance with


notes 1


a male might not see the female perspective here


enjoying life without someone else just isn't possible