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the name of the dreams

a sensuous stomach, the little girl and the stretch and sway

a few of us had seen the possibilities of converting an underground bunker into a dance club and tonight was opening night

as the club was underground it meant the sound of the music wouldn't reach the street and it could go on all night

in the first scene, i was there first and was testing the room for acoustics and resonance and was adjusting the treble, middle and bass frequencies while dancing to a compilation of my favourite dance tracks

in the second scene, there are about five of us

for some inexplicable reason, i only had a bath towel as clothing

the towel went from my waist to my shins; it didn't stop me from enjoying dancing though and i tried some new dance moves

in the next scene, there were about a dozen people in the club and an atmosphere was becoming noticeable

in the next scene, a young girl walked in with a three-year-old toddler

i caught the toddlers attention as she passed by when i pointed at her and said "hey, she looks funny"

the tiny-tot responded straight away with a teeth-smile and a started laughing

i kept her laughing for a prolonged period with a few more quips before the scene ended

in the next scene, i was with an awake-time girlfriend of thirty-plus years ago

she had fallen asleep while sitting on my lap on a settee and was lying flat on her back along the sofa

i had the urge to feel her stomach, so pulled up her blouse or cardigan and rested the palms of both of my hands on her mid-section

as her soft  stomach moved up, the frailty of her body became apparent and when she breathed out my palms sunk into her body and it produced a really sumptuous feeling (the stand-out part of the dream)

she woke up with a start, thought about what was happening, and relaxed again as she realised it was just me at it again enjoying touching a female

notes 1

the new dance moves were from the pde's of two days before when, while doing stretching exercises, it occurred to me that some of the movements of the exercises could be incorporated into a dancing routine (the stretch and sway)


vividness 3.3 to 4 - participant - the categories of the dream: music/dancing () children () sensuous touch (ber) (3 ?)