name of dream: message from a goldfish


notes 1


the notes are being placed first in this dream because there is a tendency not to read the notes after reading the dream


that's o.k. but this dream, it is thought, has an urgent message which needs to be evaluated


i can't remember the last time i saw a goldfish


nor is the last time i heard of or spoke about a goldfish remembered


neither can i recall ever reading about a goldfish or seeing a film with a goldfish in it or seeing a photograph of a goldfish


the point is... there is absolutely no reason that i can think of why a dream with a goldfish in it should occur


a dream that seemed to have no basis for being dreamt about is not new to this website


what is different about this dream is the manner through which a communication was presented


the dream...


was about a half of one metre away from a fish tank and looking into it


almost immediately a goldfish like the one in the picture swam from left to right across the front of the fish tank and then disappered from view behind some ornaments at the rear of the fish tank


soon after it re-appeared from the left and swam out of view again, only this time it was moving more slowly and seemed bigger


when it returned for the third time it was swimming slower still, almost in slow-motion, and it was as close to the glass of the fish tank as it could be


the image of the goldfish filled my field of view


over a four or five or six seconds period of dream-time, the goldfish moved from the bottom of the fish tank to the top


those few seconds became everything


as the goldfish moved slowly up the front of the glass, and closer to me, it's mouth was opening and closing in a slow and deliberate way


as it was as close to the surface of the water as it could get, i realised... it was gulping for air


it turned slightly to the left as it reached the surface; at that moment its movements looked that of a whale


i looked into its eyes and people, believe me, it conveyed its feelings to me as meaningfully as any animal ever has


it was unmistakable, it was gulping slowly because it was dying from a lack of oxygen and it was asking me for help


the image of the goldfish was replaced by a fishless tank as it was at the beginning of the dream


i kept looking expecting it to re-appear and see again what i had just seen but it never came back


notes 1




time-tense: 5


qod 3.0


qos 3.7




vividness: 4.1 or 2


the stand-out part of the dream: the moment of eye contact


the significance of the stand-out part of the dream: see notes 2


category of dream: ...?


notes 2


is the writer reading too much into this dream or do some of the writer's dreams have a significance for us all ?


assuming it has significance, what is the significance ?


most of those familiar with the k-t extinction event will hold the view that the prime factor which caused the demise of the dinosaurs was the cloud of debris which blocked out the sunlight long enough to stop the growth of the plants


once the plants had stopped growing the dinosaurs that relied on vegetables for their food had nothing to eat and began dying too


then, when the dinosaurs which relied on vegetables for their existence died, the dinosaurs which ate the dinosaurs which ate the vegetables had nothing to eat and they died too


imagine the sudden loss of all vegetables in our lives... no bread, potatoes, rice, corn, rice...


the same thing happened with the fish


the sun's light didn't reach the oceans so the plankton began dying and when there was no plankton the fish which ate the plankton died and then the bigger fish which ate the smaller fish died and so on


this website hasn't searched for information to link this dream with the possibility that if the water where the goldfish originated, or are currently most abundant in, does not have sufficient oxygen, and if there isn't sufficient oxygen in the water and something isn't done about it, then the loss of one particular genetic line amongst the population of the goldfish will die and it will have ramifications which affect the quality or quantity of the lives of all man-shaped beings sooner or later


that's your job


a job which will only be done if the question "has this dream got ramifications for us all?" is uttered where it matters