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the name of the dream

an escape through a narrow shaft

there were three of us, a female and two males

somehow we had got trapped in a confined area below the floor which would give us access to the general population

a round pipe the width of a person went up through the concrete ceiling and there was a gap of about thirty centimetres to one side of it

the concrete ceiling was two-thirds of a metre thick and was two and a half metres above the floor we were standing on

i was the first to try to squeeze through the gap next to the pipe

the difficulty was pushing me up high enough so my arms were free of the restrictions which would let me rest my elbows on the floor above and haul myself up

we decided the best plan of action was for the smallest of us, the girl, to be pushed up

the girl would have to keep her arms by her side and keep her balance until we had pushed her high enough for her to arms to clear the thickness of the concrete floor

i sat on the shoulders of the other man and he lifted me to within touching distance of the hole, now the girl had to climb up the men

the idea was for me to place my hands, palm-up, on my shoulders which the girl would stand on and then for me to push her up

the dream didn't have the scenes of the girl getting through the gap but the next scene was of the three of us standing in front of a black door that had a see-through panel half the size of the door

on the other side of the black door there was a smiling man with a fire hose and about to turn on a jet of water

in the last scene, the three of us are barracking and giving the finger to the man spraying the water at the door and full of jubilation we had been rescued


vividness 3.2 - participant - the category of the dream: enclosed areas () accompanied ()