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third dream


the name of the dream: the london bridge incident


there were six or seven of us standing on a corner in a built-up area next to a bridge which connected the two sides of a river


there was a squad of soldiers who were very nearly across the bridge and were walking alongside and in front of an armoured car


they had rifles and were coming to quell a potential take-over of authority which i was leading


i made a sweeping gesture with my right arm to the men behind me which indicated they should a make a sideways flanking manoeuvre to the right of me


we weren't going to get the better of their fire-power, we would have to out-fox them




cause of the dream: probably thoughts about money


time-tense: coin meters are more or less of the past so this dream is assigned as being past tense


second dream


the name of the dream: slightly nervous bloke on the bus


sitting on the seat next to the aisle on a bus


there was a smartly-dressed man in his late-twenties with a good complexion and a shaven head near the front of the bus


he was standing and trying to do something


he looked up and then looked at me and immediately looked away when he saw i was looking back at him


i knew that he would look at me again as soon as he thought i wouldn't be looking at him


he was a little perturbed when he glanced at me within a second or two and saw i was still looking at him


third dream


the name of the dream: the fag paper cheque


near a railway station and wanted a cup of tea


i had plenty of money but it was all in the bank


i was confident i could persuade the person who could give me a drink that he would get money but he wanted something more than just my assurances


i got out a cigarette paper and wrote some of the details of my bank account on it


he accepted the paper as he would have a cheque




participant in every one of the dreams


location: london


category of the dream: multi-themed dream


the quality of the dream: 3.7


vividness: 3.3 to 3.5


the quality of the sleep: 3.6/7