the name of the dream

a world of hospitals

was asleep in the dream and then woke up into this dream

am in a bed in a hospital

it was a shared ward

no sooner was i out of a bed, when a young lady asked me to hold onto the ends of a crumpled eiderdown and help her to fold it

when we had done that she asked me to help make her bed

after making the bed, she then referred to something about her locker

i was aware straight away she wanted to be more than just friends but the signs were it was going to be one of those arrangements where she would dangle the promise of x to get me to do anything and everything for her before it got to it and so i decided to put my foot down

i said "o.k. as long as you lift up the end of my mattress and rest your head the bottom of the bed"

she, of course, asked, "why?"

i said "it won't you hurt as much when i sit on it" and then said, "what did your last one die of ?"

the quips hurt her and she opened up with her real feelings

"i was going to go into the bathroom with you and show you my body," she said sadly

i had read the situation wrong

asking me to do things was her way of getting me to talk and be friendly

she was a shy, man-hungry young woman

i back-tracked in double-quick time

i pressed the back of the fingers of one hand against the hair resting on the side of her face and said "it's alright. i was only joking with you"

the scene changed,  i was in another ward and looking out

there was another building visible about three-hundred metres away

it was another hospital like the one i was in, cylindrical and huge

it had to be at least fifteen storeys and a hundred and fifty or more metres across

there was also a cylindrical, almost all-glass, walkway about fifty metres long which connected the cylindrical building to the top floor of an oblong building

looking beyond the tall cylindrical building there were more of the same buildings that stretched away into the distance and disappeared over the horizon

notes 1

this website asserts that every situation in a dream has its roots in reality

this dream is obviously future tense but what situation would call for a network of hospitals which could accommodate millions of people ?

there is only one thing that comes to mind...