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first dream


the name of the dream: account closed


a think-read dream


got a notification from youtube that i had been given a "strike" for a breach of copyright


because it was my second "strike" my account would be suspended


was cursing and fuming at first but then realised it wasn't the end of the world


the youtube channel was about e.t.'s and i had already given up on it making a difference


after the cursing and spitting thoughts and feelings had faded the think-read message changed and became a first-aid tip to apply to birds with broken wings (first dream of a bird with a broken wing 20112017)




the category of the dream: think-read: () youtube: (1)


second dream


the name of the dream: the bird with a broken wing


it was night-time


as i turned from the pavement that ran alongside the houses onto the path that led to the house i saw a bird about the size of a pigeon, it might have been a pigeon, standing just in front of the door that led to the garden


it was obviously alive but was standing motionless


there was a gap of about ten or twelve centimetres between the bottom of the door and the ground


through the gap, i could see the legs of a cat which was walking back and forth from one side of the door to other side the door


the cat could smell the bird and the cat was moving about waiting for the bird to come under the door


the cat's movements had alerted the bird to the presence of the cat and now the bird was in a dilemma


the bird was out in the open and wanted to get into the relative safety of an inconspicuous area


i made a movement towards the bird


the bird considered me a threat and tried to fly away


it attempted to fly over the garden gate but crashed into the wall just below the top of the garden gate and fell to the ground


as it was trying to fly away i could see that one of its wings wasn't flapping properly and that was the reason it was in the predicament


i realised it was my movement that had frightened it and stood still hoping it would calm it down


after ten seconds or so i started to move towards the bird and again it tried to fly away and crashed once more


it would be easy enough to catch it but what then ?


then the hints about healing birds with broken wings in the think-read came to mind


in the think-read part of the dream, a splint was mentioned


it occurred to me that if i put a thick elastic band about its body it would keep its wings still until i could get it a to a vet the following day


the dream ended here


notes 1


it was only yesterday when it was stated in the notes of that dream that the next dream that this website has of a bird it would write an aside about birds


and now here we are only a day later with another bird dream ! (now read the aside below this)




was in the habit of taking some brown bread with me when taking a walk along the path which runs alongside the river exe and feeding it to the pigeons


the pigeons would eat just about anything but it was noticed that brown bread made the birds eat with a hint of frenzy


i would take about a third or a quarter of an eight hundred gram loaf of bread with me on the walks


usually, as i walked along, i would break off a fistful of bread and squeeze and rub it in my hand and let the bread fall through my grip as it broke down into small bits


it amused me to see the birds take a few beak-fulls of bread and then hop or flutter to the head of the trail of bread for more


it wasn't much fun to just throw a lump of bread down and watch a free-for-all scramble


this way was much more civilised and everyone got some


on this day i decided to try something new


holding the bread in one hand i broke off small bits of bread with the other hand and pressed them into pellets about the size of small peas


again, as with the previous method, there was a bit of a scramble to start with but very soon it turned into the hop and flutter-style


this new way of feeding the birds meant that it took a lot longer to drop the bread


usually, it would all be gone in about fifty metres but this new way kept the food going for more than four hundred metres


occasionally i would glance behind to see the hopping and fluttering


because it was going on for so long i didn't look back as often as i would normally


the bread was very nearly all gone when the woman of a woman and a man couple walking in the opposite direction said in a quizzical and amused way as she was level with me "what's going on here then ?"


it was just me feeding the birds in my own peculiar style, i thought


i smiled and looked behind and looked at what they were seeing and saw a picture that has become a fixed memory


the birds weren't hopping and fluttering but had become fifty or more birds walking as though out for a lesurely walk themselves


occasionally, one in every two or three of the birds would pick up a bit of bread without changing its direction or the pace it was walking


try to visualise... fifty pigeons walking in single-file


it's the sort of thing that only happens in dreams


all together now in the key of c major... row, row, row, row your boat gently down...


notes 2


it must be a possibility that the thoughts about writing an aside while writing the account of yesterday's dream affected the content of the dream of this sleep


to think otherwise will mean having to consider that some dreams are "timed" to occur or one type of dream will "trigger" similar themes




the stand-out part of the dream: reading the think-read message




a participant - the category of the dream: animal: () dinosaur: pigeon (1)


vividness: 4 for the think-read dream and 3.2 for the normal dream