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the name of the dream

three in a bed


on this occasion, the young lady brought a companion with her


normally that wouldn't be a bad thing


this time though it was a male


i knew the young man and it wasn't a problem


nor was i offended when he went first


the woman's personality was her most attractive feature and she knew i liked her and also knew i wouldn't mind waiting


she was lying on her back with the other male on her left-hand side with me on the right


the young man was either asleep or trying to get to sleep lying on his right-hand side


i was lying on my right hand-hand side and looking at the girl who was naked


her face, breasts and genitalia were flushed red


she looked really healthy (the stand-out part of the dream)


her prepuce and clitoris were up close to her belly button and i could see the marks her trouser-belt had made just above her belly-button


she suggested i should begin and i said "i'll let you rest for a while"


she replied she had to go at five o`clock (it was four o`clock)


i said again that it would be alright if she had a little rest


it took me by surprise when she said "it's alright, i can do it sixty times in a day"


i felt as though she was exaggerating or bragging and said something along the lines of "and i thought you were my girl"


the dream ended without foreplay or coitus


notes 1


this is the fourth, fifth or sixth x dream with this girl, although this is the only one where there was no pleasure in it


this young lady features in more dreams of all of the serial dreams and of all categories of dreams, which is heartening


the sequence where i was admiring her healthy body will stay fresh in my mind for a while


is there a female in the history of the world whose genitalia extended to within two or three centimetres of her belly-button ?


can a woman do it sixty times in a day ?


it seems excessive to me




vividness 3.2 to 4


participant and observer


the category of the dream: x dream ()