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the name of the dream

the "roller"/old enemies become friends


three people came to me wanting help with something or other


it meant going to the car


in the next scene, there were three cars in an area that could hold four cars


the three people were bowled over when i went to my car


the car didn't stand out amongst the others at first glance


it was only when my car was in full view that even without knowing the make of the car it was a dream car


it was a dull grey-blue with one or two discreet lines of gold (the stand-out part of this dream)


the front was slightly sloped, like a porsche 311, but the back had linear lines to its shape


the interior was equally impressive, a brown and yellow colour-scheme


it oozed class


notes 1


this is the second time this car has featured in a dream (didn't make a record of the first dream)


it is also the second time (30072018) people who had always shown animosity in previous dreams are now friends




vividness - 3.7/8 - participant/observer ? - the category of the dream: car () rolls royce ()