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first dream


the name of the dream

the giant computer printer


it is a society in which, when a person's words are thought to be of value, they are given a computer and printer which prints out what they write


the paper that flows from the computer is ridiculously big; about the size of a broadsheet newspape, and each sentence is spaced a metre from the previous one


the sheet of paper went from the back of the computer, ran along a conveyor belt and when it is about four metres long the person writing is expected to tear it off at the far end with a deft flick of the hand


i was new to the machine and a man was instructing me on what buttons did what


my problem was i couldn't flick the paper and make it tear cleanly or tear off at all


the instructor advised me, or it occurred to me, to use my left hand


i did and the paper tore off cleanly and the dream ended




vividness 3.4 - participant - the category of the dream: computer () printer (2)


second dream


the name of the dream

my girlfriend's willy


it was the first day out of the hospital for my girlfriend


she had just had a sex change and was keen to see what she's looked like compared to mine


in the next scene, we are standing over the bowl in a toilet cubicle making out we were two males having a pee


neither of us passed any water but she was delighted to see they looked the same in both colour and size


that was enough to arouse me and i moved in front of her, put my hands around her back and cupped her soft, sensuous buttocks and pulled her into contact with me




vividness 3.4/5 - participant - the category of the dream: x dream () sex change (1)


notes 1


there's a nobel prize in psychology ready to be awarded to the person who can make fruedian-sense of this dream


notes 2


am assigning both of these dreams to the present Tense of a long-gone past Undulation


notes 3


about one-in-ten dreams that are remembered aren't being entered