name of dream: in a rush


the first scene is in a car on the dual carriageway which circles around the outskirts of a biggish city


don't know why i'm in a hurry but something is propelling me with a sense of urgency


being in a rush is working against me


first, i don't get off at the right exit then i go past the exit i should have taken then i have to go around a large roundabout three times before i get my bearings


when i do get off the dual carriageway the scene changes


now i'm a couple of kilometres from where i want to be and have to catch a bus


catching the bus isn't a problem but paying for the ticket is


i dig into my pocket with my left hand and grab most of the loose change and bring out of my pocket so many coins i have to keep my fist tightly clenched to stop the change from slipping out of my hand


i must be holding onto something with my right hand because i present the change to another passenger and ask him to take out enough out of my fist to pay the fare


as the man is taking one coin at a time i can feel the change is loosening in my grip and am expecting the bunch of coins to collapse, like a fistful marbles held too tightly would do, and spill to the floor


the man taking the coins is aware of what could happen if he isn't careful and was doing an excellent job of imitating a surgeon removing a foreign object from next to the heart


he had almost got all the coins when, on what was the last coin needed to pay for the ticket, two pennies got loose from the rest and fell to the floor


i said "i was going to give you a tip for your help but you've blown it"


he took it in the spirit it was spoken and was smiling as i was waking and heard myself saying the sentence above




within two seconds of being awake and

lying there with eyes closed began another, the second, in two days, mega-montage

(the chances are there will be even longer sequences than these. will see if they can be counted in future sequences)


the first and longest sequence of the still and motion images were the same in respect of the colour of the clothes people were wearing


without exception, they were all wearing red tops and white skirts or trousers


it went on for at least one and a half to two minutes of awake time


as with the last montage of this length, 04122017, there were more than a hundred and it was possible to perpetuate the sequences although i think i "maxed out" at the end of the last sequence when brown colours starting appearing


unlike the previous long montage this montage was in awake-time


with this montage, it was also possible to freeze images

(yet another new feature)





the time-tense for this dream is thought to be 6


qod 3.2


qos 3.6






can't remember anything during the day which would have caused this dream


notes 1




the time-tense for the montage is thought to be a mixture of all the time-tenses but this another question to be answered in the future


qom 3.8