name of dream: who's the boss ?


was presented with a charge-sheet


the charge was "the dissemination of seditious, illegal and libellous information"


had been handing out flyers levelling all manner of accusations against the Oligarchs for a number of days in the middle of town


the heinous crimes i maintain the oligarch structure is perpetrating are... cannibalism, child-sacrifice, swapping babies in maternity wards, adults gang-raping minors, the spreading of diseases... (in the same way as war is good for business for weapons manufacturers so too is ill-health good for the drug companies)


i had obviously hit a raw nerve and the people committing the crimes decided to do something about it


i was in an interview room in a police station


there were three, four or five men in the room and they were "leaning on me"


the men were probing for a weakness in my character or an angle which would get me to recant


they meant business


i realised i had only one way out


was thinking how to make my initial response believable when the dream ended




this is an and/or time-tense of 3, 6, 7, 9


qod 3


qos 3.5




vividness: 3.3


stand-out moment:


notes 1


during the day had been thinking of how to present crimes being enacted against humanity by the oligarchs to ordinary people