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the name of the dream

practising what you preach


living in a bedsit and was in bed waiting for my girlfriend to arrive


in the next scene, in bed with a girl but it wasn't the girl i was expecting


the girl and i were chatting and getting to know about each other


we were kissing intermittently and talking about our respective regular partners


at one point while kissing and chatting she asked why i was here with her and i said the most absurd thing... "if i wasn't here with you i'd be rock climbing"


she thought it was funny and it changed her mood


i decided it was time to introduce some serious pleasure into the proceedings and began to practice what i advocate... pleasure without conjoinment


it was obvious she hadn't experienced as much pleasure before


she was gyrating and thrashing about so much i couldn't keep in contact with her


i stopped and waited for her to become relaxed again


when ws still i rolled back over onto my left side and felt for her only to find i had finished dreaming and was alone in bed feeling an empty space


notes 1


twice in one week when touch-pleasure activity has been halted because the sensitivity has been too intense


notes 2


the first dream when the writer has actually practised pleasure without conjoinment in a dream


see also the art of pleasure




vividness 3.4 - participant - the category of the dream: x touch-pleasure (1)