name of dream: a prison of the future


a person only attended this prison if they wanted to


the prison was a low-ceiling building, along the lines of a large hospital ward


it had beds which were arranged like a hospital ward as well but with a lot more distance between the beds


the prison was for someone who had committed a crime and only felt as though they needed to be reminded occasionally that they had done something wrong and sleeping at the prison was an acknowledgement by the person of having done something wrong


my crime was teleporting an item from its place of origin to where i designated it without taking due care and attention to the place where it was being received


the item was, i think, a bag of chips


the problem was the device which received the item made a bit of a bang when the item arrived


if you knew an item was coming it wasn't a problem, you knew what to expect, but if another person happened to be nearby it could give her or him a bit of start


a bit like letting off a banger too near to someone on bonfire night




time-tense: any future tense


qod 3.0




category of dream: future technology


vividness: 3


cause of the dream: ?


notes 1