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the name of the dream

prepping for heaven

a multi-themed dream in which one of the themes contained a scene which has been bubbling under the surface of the awake-time memory

the memory/image has been presenting itself independent of the mental decision to do so since the first time it occurred three or four days ago

how to describe it...

big, recall the biggest thing that impressed you as being big, and which is still imprinted your memory as the biggest thing you ever saw

now add colour, lots of colour, and a feeling of childish anticipation that the most exciting you can experience is starting to happen

give the size and colour linear shapes and nestle them in an area at, behind and above a black horizon

so now the sense of the size of the objects isn't quite as big but the space the objects are in has become the biggest thing your sense of size has ever tried to measured

notes 1

the reality this picture memory presents is of an earth-bound observer seeing linear-shaped images or beings almost as big as a planet


vividness 3.7 - observer - the category of the dream: linear shaped beings (1)