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first dream


the name of the dream: a ticket to japan


on the phone to a japan getting prices for a flight (had been on the phone with them earlier on in the dream)


the line was poor quality and the conversation was taking three times longer than it should have taken


the quote for the flight was two-thousand two-hundred euro's


not sure by how much but the original price had been less


as soon as i had got the quote i ended the call and the dream ended as well




the cause of the dream: thinking about japan during the day




vividness: 3.1


the quality of the dream: 3.1


vividness: 3.3 to 3.5


the quality of the sleep: 3.6


second dream


the name of the: invasion of the viruses


was in a stationary car


there were more vehicles in the scene than people


most of the traffic was at a junction fifty metres up a seven-degree incline just off to my right


a woman was walking from my right to the left across the car park which was about half the size of a football field


for no reason i could see she dropped to the ground


before i had time to think about what had caused it another person further to my left also dropped down


and then another and another... people were falling down everywhere


i noticed that none of the vehicles had crashed or were crashing and concluded it was an airborne virus


i looked to see if my window was closed and reacted quickly when i saw the door was open by five centimetres or so


notes 1


there are airborne viruses which could cause people to drop down as they were walking along but as far as i'm aware such an incident as the one in this dream has never happened, hence the time-tense




the cause of the dream: a prolonged sense of security during the day


future time-tense




vividness: 3.7/8


vividness: 3.3 to 3.5


the quality of the dream: 3.2