the name of the dream

the bouncing dad of a baby boy


my partner had recently become the mother to a boy, and a televised interview invited questions regarding the latest addition to the family


the first questioner asked, "do you intend to have any more children ?"


i nodded and said "yes."


the questioner then asked another question, "how will you go about it ?"


i knew she meant "how will you and your next partner get together?" but that was not the most obvious meaning in the question


i was smiling as i explained, "usually, i let the woman decide which side of the bed to lie on, although on occasions..."


two other scenes in a similar vein followed, but this first scene captures the mood of the dream best




vividness 3.5 - participant - the category of the dream: t.v. interviewee (1) parenting theme (1)



notes 1