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second dream


the name of the dream: tastes o.k.


dreamt i was making leek soup and was tasting it as i was making it




vividness: 4




the category of the dream: food: (6) leek soup (1)


first dream


the name of the dream: can't operate a computer properly in a dream


was trying to organise folders on the computer and woke up frustrated at not being able to single left-click a folder and drag and drop it


notes 1


this is not the first dream that has caused a feeling of frustration because i couldn't left-click and drag and drop an item on a computer screen


with this dream and i think with at least one of the others it was for the same reason... not being able to drag and drop


in this dream and i think with one of the others the sensation of pressing my forefinger was still happening after the dream had ended


there may be a good reason for feeling frustrated


the capacity to exert pressure through the fingers into a dream is a faculty that does exist but is not yet developed


the frustration can be likened to a child who becomes frustrated when being shown how to tie a shoelace or eat with a knife and fork... knows it can be done but hasn't yet developed the coordination to do it