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second sleep, the second dream


the name of the dream

the conga


there was a dream about placing an ad in a paper before this dream


the accompanying rhythm to this dance dream was...

da, da, da, (then up a pitch) da/da da, da,

then... da/da, da, da, da, da,, da... da/da, da, da, da, da,, da


i was aware people were looking at me


i wasn't being exhibitionistic


the rhythm had gripped me and i felt compelled to move to it


there were four or five different scenes


in the last scene, a man stood in front of me and brought me to a stop


he said something like... "i can see what it is you're dancing to"


notes 1


this dream wasn't as good as the dance dream of 08112017 but, like that dream, i woke up in a great mood


that's four feel-good dreams on the trot


on more than one occasion in awake-time i have, spontaneously, broke into dance steps while walking


i'm going to assert that there is a connection between music and feel-good dreams


for the past few days when i was at a loose end and without the motivation to do something purposeful i composed "rave" riffs


composing original riffs and modifying existing ones means listening intently for minutes at a time to the same patterns of notes and beats


(we should note that all forms of desirable experiences (a devolving being gets "pleasure" and gratification from acts of violence) originate from the experience of straight-line-action


prior to straight-line-action, it was a state of indifference)


we will probably find that appealing feelings we get from melodies, beats and rhythms are at the edge of the cross-over point between non-destructive indifference and the endlessly variable structure contained in straight-line-action


it is going to be revealing to discover whether x dreams or dance dreams are the most numerous type of dreams


my ref (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Medieval_dance)




vividness 3.7




category of dream: dancing () solo () outdoors ()


first sleep, first dream


the name of the dream

three under a blanket


it was nighttime, it may have been closer to dawn than dusk, and it was mild weather


i had joined forces with a girl unknown to me


we were settled under a quilt or blanket with a bit of a view of the town


we both had accommodation but neither of us suggested going to each other's place


within a scene or two, another girl joined us and she too got under whatever it was we were using as a blanket


the late addition to the trio was interested in me and the other girl became less prominent in the dream as we got familiar with one another


i let the newcomer know i was interested and put my left hand on her upper-thigh

she responded straight away by turning on her right-side and swinging her left leg over my legs and resting her leg across my hips


her bare thigh made contact with my genitalia (the stand-out bit of the dream)


i wasn't wearing trousers, and she immediately pulled her leg away


she was obviously wanted x but it was happening too fast


i put my left-hand between her legs, i was lying on my right, and she reached over and started to fondle me


i asked her if she wanted to go and get some breakfast


she never replied but i sensed she did


i started to ask her what she wanted to eat but my voice sounded gruff so i cleared my throat and woke up to hear myself saying something about mushrooms and bacon


notes 1


these x dreams, i have noticed, often occur in clusters of two or three or more


as unlikely as it seems there may be a connection between music and x


have made a mental note of the possibility




vividness 3 to 3.5




the category of the dream: x dream () threesome () outdoors ()