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christmas merriment and new year's eve


christmas merriment


in one scene, the skin of my face crumbled off when i rubbed it and the skin underneath felt ultra smooth which made me feel young again


in another scene, my laughter was so intense i had to bend down and rest my weight on my right hand to stop myself from falling over


in another scene, the person with me was walking five or seven metres ahead, not because he was embarrassed that heads were turning because i was laughing but because my laughter was affecting my ability to walk and he had to be somewhere and i was making him late


in another scene in a shop, someone introduced me to a well-dressed man who took himself seriously


i was in no mood to be serious and as i got within hand-shaking distance of him i done a pirouette on my right foot, lifted my left arm, folded it across my face and stooped down so he had to lean down to reach my hand to shake it


in another scene, i was making with the one-liners as i was handing out lots of two-folded sheet that presented ideas, serious and humorous, through christmas-themes


wasn't laughing in the above scene but was in a sky-high mood


in the last scene, billy connolly, looking distinguished in a two-tone dark brown outfit that matched the tone of his skin, walked into the room i was in and had a ready-to-be-politely-merry look on his face


notes 1


a crying dream and a laughing dream within a few days of each other !


both laughing and crying dreams are something of a rarity


that both types of dreams should occur within a week does seem to have significance


that this dream and the one below are tied in terms of differences and similarities seems coincidental


except i don't believe in coincidence




vividness 3.2 to 3.7 - participant - the category of the dream: laughing dream () christmas-time


second dream


new year's eve


this dream was on the eighth of this month

(didn't have time to enter it on the day)


it is the afternoon of the 31st


have set up everything to do with the music and a quick test of the sound system produced one of the clearest sounds of any dream with music (the stand-or most vivid scene of any part of the dream)


there was an air of expectation that this party was going to be especially good


it was going to be held on the first floor of a pub


if the capacity of the room was exceeded then people could still be part of the party in the downstairs rooms where the sounds would still be clear


if all the rooms became full people could stand and sit outside, where a quick check told me, the music would still have its feel of presence


people were popping in throughout the afternoon and making sure the evening's celebrations were going ahead


that people were checking the event was on told me a lot of people would be coming


notes 1


the quality of the sound of the music in this dream is due to the re-mixing of a song during the day before this dream when, as a result of trying different settings on the equaliser, a harmony of women's voices on a song i had listened to many times before became audible to me for the first time




vividness 3.7/8 - participant - the category of the dream: music () new year's eve (1)