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the name of the dream

the wanderlusterer in her


in the company of two or three other aunts mother announced her long-held secret desire to see the world


as i was the only male in the room it was pretty obvious it was my cue to respond


my suggestion was to do the travelling in a three-quarter or one-ton two-berth van


we could raise enough money to get a van and convert it into a mobile home if we both sold our furniture and other home-fixtures


mother was becoming more animated as the planning and suggestions of bringing it to fruition took shape


the whole idea and the chat of what we could do and the scope and variations it would throw up took the planning to a new level


it was definitely "on"


within a scene or two, we are kitting out the van and only a week or two away from "hitting the road"


in the last scene of the dream, i turned to mother and said "you'll need a skill"



vividness 3.1 - participant - the category of the dream: mother (5 ?)